axonal transport

axonal transport

English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • slow axonal transport — the movement of cytoskeletal elements (component a) and glycolytic enzymes and actin (component b) along an axon away from the nerve cell body, occurring at a rate of 0.2 to 2 mm/day, depending on the species and age of the animal and on the… …   Medical dictionary

  • retrograde axonal transport — The transport of vesicles from the synaptic region of an axon towards the cell body: involves the interaction of MAP1C with microtubules …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • fast axonal transport — the rapid bidirectional movement of vesicles containing glycoproteins and neurotransmitters along microtubules between the nerve cell body and the axon terminal …   Medical dictionary

  • orthograde transport — Axonal transport from the cell body of the neuron towards the synaptic terminal. Opposite of retrograde transport and probably dependent on a different mechanochemical protein (almost definitely kinesin) interacting with microtubules …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Axoplasmic transport — Axoplasmic transport, also called axonal transport, is responsible for movement of mitochondria, lipids, synaptic vesicles, proteins, and other cell parts to and from a neuron s cell body through the cytoplasm of its axon (the axoplasm). Axons,… …   Wikipedia

  • Diffuse axonal injury — Classification and external resources Susceptibility weighted image (SWI) of diffuse axonal injury in trauma at 1.5 teslas (right) eMedicine …   Wikipedia

  • intra-axonal — in·tra ax·o·nal ak sən əl; ak sän , sōn adj situated or occurring within an axon <intra axonal transport> in·tra ax·o·nal·ly ē adv …   Medical dictionary

  • anterograde transport — fast axonal transport from the nerve cell body to the axon terminal, occurring at a rate of about 400 mm/day; besides providing molecular transport, it also furnishes large amounts of membrane for renewal of the terminal and axolemma and for… …   Medical dictionary

  • retrograde transport — fast axonal transport from the axon terminal to the nerve cell body, occurring at a rate of about 250 mm/day; it provides for the movement of endogenous and extracellular elements from the synaptic cleft to the cell body for sampling …   Medical dictionary

  • transporte axonal — Eng. Axoplasmic transport Ver flujo axoplásmico …   Diccionario de oftalmología

  • transporte axonal ortógrado — Eng. Orthograde axoplasmic transport Ver flujo axoplásmico ortógrado …   Diccionario de oftalmología

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